Adopt better business habits with Align

Align is more than just software. The habits you develop using Align create a company culture focused on transparency, accountability, open communication and execution.

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The Basics

Who it's for

If you have a business, you need a plan. Align is the tool to develop, track and measure how well you and your company are executing that plan. Small and medium sized businesses in any industry use our software to manage their growth.

Why you need it

Developing a plan and achieving your goals is not easy for any size business. Trying to manage this on paper, email and spreadsheets is even more daunting. Unlike simple task management software, Align is designed using proven business methodologies. Using Align, you are more likely to adopt habits and achieve your goals. Priority dashboards, daily huddles and critical numbers provide a shared view into the company's vision and goals - so everyone knows the plan and how to achieve the desired results.


One Page Plan

Build a culture of transparency

Share the company mission, vision and performance goals with everyone on the team. Every employee should know the short and long-term goals of the company and the metrics by which success will be measured.

Give everyone performance insights

Define the Critical Numbers, or key indicators, that will move your business forward and share them with the whole team. Simple visuals give you quick insights into where the company stands.


Align Strategic Planning and KPI Software Company Dashboard on a Laptop


Daily & Weekly Huddles

Manage communication rhythms

Use Huddles to bring structure to your daily check-ins and keep lines of communication open with everyone on the team. Communicate daily around the key priorities in your business.



Priorities: See how individuals contribute to the success of the company

Cascade priorities from the top down so everyone can see how their progress moves the needle for their own personal priorities as well as the company priorities.




Track the big picture metrics

View important company performance data daily so you know how you’re progressing against goals




Align Integrations

Seamlessly connect data and workflows

Use integrations to automate data collection and connect workflows to apps your team already uses. Your time saved can be used on better analysis and insights on the metrics that matter most to your business.

  • Streamline Daily Communication With Slack

  • Level Up Your Dashboard With Salesforce

  • Automate Your Dashboard from A to Z with Zapier

  • Connect Your Daily Actions With Your Quarterly Goals With Google Tasks

  • Streamline Your Top Task Notifications Using Microsoft To Do

Reporting: Use data to evaluate what works

Data is changing the way we look at performance management. Align gives you unique data sets to analyze how you and your team are performing against company goals.


Screenshot showing Reporting



Get started today

Unlike task or project management software, Align is specifically built to ease the friction that comes with rapid change. Our tools give you structure to manage huddles, goals and priorities, strategic planning, and critical numbers. Using the software daily gives you a consistent workspace so you form smart habits faster.
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