Teams that focus on the right work get the right results.

Keep employees focused by aligning company goals to individual work so everyone knows how they contribute to success. 

Get real-time visibility into goal progress and improve team communications to achieve success faster.

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Align is trusted by:

Easily manage goals and gain insights on performance in one place.

Elevate your projects into one big-picture view to help you run your business better.

See the status of your company goals to know at a glance if they are on track.  Quickly drill down into everyone’s priorities when you need to know more. 

Quickly assess your most important metrics to spot trends, opportunities and roadblocks that inform better business decisions. 

Align keeps us hyper-focused on our individual and strategic goals.

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Increase employee engagement and collaboration from anywhere.

Show how their work fits into the bigger picture and empower them to prioritize their day-to-day work to make the biggest impact.

Give every team member a platform to let everyone else know their progress, identify roadblocks and give feedback that keeps progress running smoothly.

Make accountability easier with personalized dashboards and alerts.

Show the progress across the organization so employees know where the company is heading.

Free your time to be more strategic.  

Spend less time chasing updates and worrying about what is getting done. Instead, use that time to level up your organization.

Companies who use Align get better at communicating and follow-through as they hone their execution skills.  This creates time for strategic thinking and planning  bigger goals. 

How do we know this works? 

We studied over 1,700 companies that created over 435,000 goals on Align. 

We found that companies on Align typically see a 2x increase in the number of goals completed from month 1 to 12.

Those using Align to manage daily and weekly huddles add 48% more goals and complete 60% more goals and improve employee satisfaction as seen in the 5% increase in their eNPS scores.

Key Features

  • Daily & Weekly Huddles

  • Priority Management

  • One Page Strategic Plan

  • eNPS

Align Daily Huddle Meetings

Teams can quickly and easily improve communication flow within your organization by providing updates in a pre-formatted but customizable structure: What’s Up, KPI updates, Stucks, and their Top Priority for the day. Create and manage multiple huddles for essential communication. Huddles are especially helpful for interdepartmental teams and for remote workers or geographically distributed teams.

See top-level company goals and how individual priorities align. Know what everyone’s working on, where their progress is to date, and if that work contributes to the things that matter for the company as a whole.

Align One Page Plan Yearly Targets

From your company’s Core Purpose and Values, down to Key Initiatives and Goals, everything essential to strategic planning is visible, to promote company-wide alignment.  Creating transparency ensures that everyone knows what work is important and where they should focus. Additionally, teams can create their own strategic plan.

eNPS scores and feedback let you know what’s working and what’s not in your organization. With Align, you can track eNPS scores over time, so you can take action and improve. Employee happiness leads to better outcomes. Companies with 50 or higher eNPS take on more priorities, achieve more goals and complete more tasks than those below 50.

How does it work?

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Align is specifically built to ease the friction that comes with rapid change. Our tools give you structure to manage huddles, goals and priorities, strategic planning, and critical numbers. Using the software daily gives you a consistent workspace so you form smart habits faster.
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