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Adopting better business habits starts with equipping your team with the tools and knowledge sources they need. Learn some of the best practices we’ve gathered from working with thousands of businesses and some of the most successful business coaches.  We also periodically share more about upcoming product feature releases.

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Past Webinars:

“How To Pick A ‘Smart’ Quarterly Priority” with Herb Cogliano

August 22, 2019

For Align’s August webinar, Coach Herb Cogliano, Managing Partner at Aspire Growth Advisors, breaks down how to select, write, and execute on a top quarterly priority to drive your company’s strategic plans forward. Register here!



“The Twelve Accelerators”  with Dave Ramos, CEO of SHIFTPOINTS

July 23, 2019

In part two of his series for Align, Dave Ramos, CEO of SHIFTPOINTS strategy coaching, presents the most critical factors for creating alignment in your organization.


“Unleashing the Accelerating Power of Alignment” featuring Dave Ramos, CEO of SHIFTPOINTS

June 25, 2019

In part one of a series for Align, Dave Ramos, CEO of SHIFTPOINTS strategy coaching, discusses lessons he learned while interviewing 100 CEOs about how they created organizational alignment.



How to Evolve from Entrepreneur to CEO featuring Daniel Marcos, CEO of Growth Institute

May 30, 2019

In this webinar, Daniel Marcos, business coach and CEO of Growth Institute, talked about “How to Evolve from Entrepreneur to CEO” and the 4 stages every scale-up needs to go through on this journey. Based on his experience scaling companies of his own as well as helping over 10,000 companies scale themselves, Daniel’s talk includes valuable lessons for companies in any phase of their growth journey.

Align Product Vision

March 20, 2019

Our CEO Doug Walner and Product Manager Joey Muething shared our planned product releases for the upcoming year. We also summarized this webinar in a series of blog posts focusing on:


Recent Podcasts:

Align CEO Doug Walner on “The Scaling Up Business Podcast”

Doug joins Scaling Up Podcast Host and coach Bill Gallagher to talk good business habits. The podcast can also be streamed on iTunes, Stitcher, or play.fm.


Align VP Eugene Terk on “WordPress Elevation Podcast”

Eugene discusses growth with Troy Dean, founder of WP Elevation. They talk common struggles businesses face as they grow and best practices to avoid pitfalls while scaling. Listen here.

Align VP Eugene Terk on “The Cabinet Maker Profit System Podcast”

Eugene sits down with Business Coach Dominic Rubino on The Cabinet Maker Profit System Podcast to talk scaling a business. The podcast contains lessons for businesses in any industry, woodworking or not.  Listen here.

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