What is Align?

Not project management. Not task management.

Align falls into a category of business management software we call growth management. Unlike task or project management software that focus on the gritty details of your daily or project-specific workload, Align helps manage the higher level strategic goals of the organization as a whole.

Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Align was developed as the software solution for the Rockefeller Habits, popularized by Verne Harnish. The habits reinforce practices like creating a strategic one page plan, efficient daily meetings, defining quarterly priorities and using key performance indicators to gauge how you're doing. Align was designed to make it easier to manage these practices and adopt good business habits quicker.

Align is a growth management software for companies and their teams to manage and communicate shared priorities for everyday focus on the right things. What does that mean? Read our take on what growth management is and how businesses can use Align to meet their goals, create a culture of transparency and empower teams to succeed together.

What is Growth Management?

Align for coaches


Business coaches use Align before, during and after strategic planning to streamline their processes and visualize client performance. Coaches can manage status and review progress remotely via the mobile app or call into weekly huddles.

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