What is growth management software?

Growth management software provides an operating framework for implementing best practices around strategic planning, organizational communication and company-wide execution on key business priorities.

Align creates the workspace to adopt and manage the business habits consistently used by high-growth companies. Daily Huddles, One Page Plan Tools, Priorities, KPIs and Critical Numbers help you maintain focus on the things that matter most to moving your business forward.


How Align Works

Align helps you improve communications and productivity at any stage.  When you are ready to make a full commitment to improving business outcomes, Align helps you get there faster. The software focuses on forming habits around three key areas.

What we’re not

Unlike task or project management software, Align is specifically built for managing the business at the strategic level, above the day-to-day details — not just for your daily tasks or project specific workflows and schedules. Align is not meant to replace a project management, task management or customer relationship management platforms, but rather work in tandem with them. Align will keep you focused on the strategic business priorities that will help you achieve your long-term goals.

How does Align fit into my workflow?

There’s no single answer to this, as every company is different. But typically, people use Align for the following ways:

Long-Term Planning

  • Identifying the long-term strategic plan and mapping out your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)
  • Determining what your 3-5 year outlook and goals are


  • Developing an annual plan that is achievable over 4 quarterly periods


  • Managing quarterly strategic planning sessions
  • Identifying Critical Number ranges and targets for key business metrics
  • Evaluating performance data from the previous period before moving on to the next quarterly planning session


  • Updating KPIs and Priorities to reflect weekly progress
  • Managing Weekly Huddle updates to share with your core team to review status and objectives for the coming week


  • Updating KPIs and Priorities to reflect daily progress
  • Writing in Daily Huddle updates to share with your team and outline your top priority for the day
  • Reviewing Critical Numbers and performance metrics

Is growth management similar to OKR software?

Yes. If you’ve read John Doerr’s book and are looking to implement OKRs in your business, Align can help. Our tools allow you to outline individual objectives (we call them priorities) that ladder up to organization objectives and measure performance against those.

Setting objectives and measuring key results is the equivalent of identifying goals, developing aligned business priorities and implementing KPIs to measure progress as you execute.