• Executive Team


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    • Great for initial strategic planning
    • Create the structure to roll out to the rest of the team
    • Get the executive team Aligned
  • Fast Growth Organization


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    • Scale successfully at a fast, but controlled pace
    • Decrease redundant meetings with consistent short huddles
    • Transparent progress on strategic goals throughout the company
  • Fully Aligned Company


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    • Every member of the organization knows the core values, critical numbers, and company priorities
    • Great communications with efficient daily and weekly huddles
    • Cascading goals that allow each employee to understand how he/she makes an impact on the company’s success


Meet aggressive growth goals

We’ve worked with thousands of businesses on their journey to scale and have seen software make a real impact on the process. Align gives you tools to adopt the habits you need to meet your growth goals.

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When you’re growing fast, it’s easy to get distracted. Align keeps us hyper-focused on our individual and strategic goals.

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