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Our service packages are built with your success in mind. It takes commitment from your entire organization to successfully accomplish your goals.
Check out the Accountability Course, Onsite Training, Virtual Strategy Sessions, Small Group Training, and Coach Courses!

Accountability Course

$1,500 – Talk to an Advisor

This structured accountability course is customized for your company and targeted towards your leadership team. The course includes guided use of videos, online and printable resources, plus 6 hours of Advisor consulting. In addition, you will get small group training sessions for your entire team. One Accountability Course is included in some Align Subscription packages.


A strong focus on 1:1 time with leadership and your Advisor creates a strong understanding of the Align product and usage of the business methodologies.


Small group training backed up with online and printable resources will guide all members of your team.

Accountability Course Includes:

Dedicated Customer Success Advisor

Small Group Training for your entire team (1 session per 10 people)

Customized execution of Scaling Up to your business needs

Access to the library of self- guided videos and one-sheets

Daily & Weekly Huddle best practices

Guidance on creating SMART priorities

Quarterly Check-in with your Advisor

1:1 Time with Align Product Manager


Additional Services

Align Advisors have expertise in working with hundreds of executives and teams and help with your unique growth path during your first 90 days, after mergers/acquisitions, during high growth years, or whatever your unique case may be. Additional services may be purchased a la carte for accounts on any package level.

  • Onsite Training

  • Strategy & Accountability Individual Sessions

  • Small Group Training

  • Coach Courses

Onsite Training

Your Align Advisor facilitates a full team training, adopting company-wide habits and using a system to manage growth. They’ll share best practices and tailor the session to your specific business challenges.

Talk to an Advisor

$1,500 per day + Travel & Expenses

Strategy & Accountability Individual Sessions

Executives and your Align Champion will work with your Align Advisor on a specific challenge. You will learn how to apply best practices in executing good business habits in your business.

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$199 for 1 hour or $119 for ½ hour

Small Group Training

The everyday user of Align will benefit from expert training on the “how to” of Align. Although the software is very user friendly, you may find that human interaction to guide you through your account works best for your business.

Sign up for Training

$149 for 1 hour or $89 for ½ hour

Introductory Course for Coaches

Learn the ins and out of Align or the Scaling Up Scoreboard, how best to onboard your coaching clients, and how to help them get the most out of the software to speed up their implementation of your coaching methodology.

Sign up for Coach Course

$250 includes four 30 minute sessions with Sr. Align Advisor
(Free for Scaling Up certified coaches!)